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We Plus is an innovative app created from the minds of simple people put together as a team. The need for a personalized app is on demand as customers and customization are the two important pillars to us. Keeping this in mind, our team has taken extensive and deliberate cautions to implement this user friendly personalized app. We Plus allows you to get connected with any association and its members. It also allows you to create your own association with admin rights and privileges, protecting and fore guarding the contact details of your association members. It enables users to:

  • Integrate their call log with the association members so as to be updated with their contacts.
  • Choose the style of their contacts view to be either in grid format or in listed format.
  • Choose ease of access and convenience over other non personalized apps.
  • Stay protected by safe guarding the identity of users from non-association members by providing admin rights and privileges to the administrator(s)/secretariat(s) of the respective associations.
  • Improve and enhance internal collaboration and communication.


Effective Integration

  • Access via iOS.
  • Automatically sync your contacts with your Google or Apple contacts list.
  • Search for familiar associations from your previous search history.
  • Upload your profile to the needed level to make you visible to other members.

Mobile Pro

With this mobile app, you can take this tool right from your desktop to your pocket. Get, set and Go!! Administered for iphones, and iPads, this tool gives your great flexibility to manage your account and contacts even when you are in the sun or having a far away fun! Supporting tablets like iPads to iPhones, Android, Windows and Blackberry- the We Plus mobile app leaves you appeased with its charming technological facilities.

Contact Management

We are very much aware of the fact that contacts are the key factors to your communication. We Plus delivers key contact management features such as:

  • Calendar facility to plan and organize events.
  • Automatic address book with back up feature.
  • Notes, reminders and comments enabling user interaction.
  • Blitzkrieg search.
  • Instant notifications.

Flexible Mail system

We Plus can be used with any email system be it Yahoo, Google, Rediff or any other.

Funtabulous personalization

We Plus accesses you to your account and contacts anytime you want by providing minute details ranging from tasks, events, updates, members, memberships and so on. This fun and fabulous app personalizes your account as per your need making it funtabulous.

Easy administration

To make this tool user friendly, our team has strived hard foe the users to experience easy administration. As a We Plus association admin, you can:

  • Quickly invite people you already know or new, start your own groups and set up user permissions.
  • Our team helps you to easily set up associations and activity sets for the members in your association.
  • Rest assured your data is safe and held private with us.