Now Available On Android

It's a e-commerce mobile application for admin side use. The sellers can use this application it'll be very useful for them. They can easily upload their products through this applocation.It's a Stand alone application works from User side.

  • It's an online application.
  • It has Masters in it like Category, Sub Category, Sub-sub Category and Brand master.
  • Using thses masters the User can upload and create their won product Categories like (Men, Women and etc,.).
  • It has "Add Product" page through this the user can add their new arivels products and also old one.
  • If incase of shortage of product or product is not available means they can change the status of that product.

    WHY SHOULD USE e-CAT Stand Alone:
  • It's FREE
  • .User Friendly and Simple to use .
  • It's a Stand Alone.
  • Vendors and Sellers Can be Upload their won Product categories.
  • Sellers Can upload their peoducts with their price and producd images.